Mariners and ships in Australian Waters



Surname Given name Station Age Of what Nation Status Comments
South James Hodder Master     Crew  
Andrews George Mate 26 British Crew  
Hilton Wm 2nd Mate 25 British Crew  
Elliott Wm Carpenter 29 British Crew  
Clarke Henry A. B. 24 British Crew  
Falk John W A. B. 25 Swedish Crew  
Sousen Chas A. B. 24 Danish Crew  
Hynd Wm A. B. 24 British Crew  
Greig John A. B. 28 British Crew  
White James A. B. 26 British Crew  
Jefferies Wm A. B. 33 British Crew  
Morgan Wm A. B. 43 British Crew  
Drinkwater G B Lamp Trimmer 20 British Crew  
Pua Jaco Boy 17 Portugese Crew  
Peggs A H 3 rd Mate 26 British Crew  
Westrall John A. B. 33 British Crew  
Pearce John H A. B. 23 British Crew  
Tudford George Trimmer 23 British Crew  
Mcimles Wm Fireman 23 British Crew  
Lynch R Fireman 23 British Crew  
Preston James Fireman 22 British Crew  
Stanton W W Fireman 31 British Crew  
Robinson Mathew Fireman 28 British Crew  
Rathary Jas Engineer 41 British Crew  
Pride Wm 2 nd Engineer 37 British Crew  
Hughes J W Chief Steward 26 British Crew  
Newman Michael Fore Cain Steward 24 British Crew  
Wood Lucy Stewardess 22 British Crew  
Horniey R H 2nd Steward 40 British Crew  
Huxley Francis Mess Room Stwd 19 British Crew  
Robinson Wm Bed Room Stwd 24 British Crew  
Duff David Cook 25 British Crew  
Francis Wm 2nd Cook 32 British Crew  
Flanagan Hugh Fireman 24 British Crew  
Sanderson Peter Trimmer 31 British Crew  
Ferris Edward Fireman 40 British Crew  
Foote Jas Mr     Passenger Cabin
Foote J C Mrs     Passenger Cabin
Gray   Miss     Passenger Cabin
Hancock   Mrs     Passenger Cabin
Hancock Child       Passenger Cabin
Sutherland F Mrs     Passenger Cabin
Worth   Miss     Passenger Cabin
Brown   Miss     Passenger Cabin
Lee R Mr     Passenger Cabin
Mcgrath   Dr     Passenger Cabin
Montgomery J Mr     Passenger Cabin
Chapple T Mr     Passenger Cabin
Chapple T Mr Jun     Passenger Cabin
Foote Jas Mr     Passenger Cabin
Mackey A Mr     Passenger Cabin
Hancock Jas Mr     Passenger Cabin
Hicks John Mr     Passenger Cabin
Christie W H Mr     Passenger Cabin
Gray W Mr     Passenger Cabin
Ballin Jas       Passenger Steerage
Ballin   Wife     Passenger Steerage
Ballin   Daughter     Passenger Steerage
Allen Ben       Passenger Steerage
Arthur   Mrs     Passenger Steerage
Hays   Mrs     Passenger Steerage
Grenfell   Mrs     Passenger Steerage
Grenfell Child 1       Passenger Steerage
Grenfell Child 2       Passenger Steerage
Grenfell Child 3       Passenger Steerage
Simpson Joseph       Passenger Steerage
Smith Stephen       Passenger Steerage
Urquhart George       Passenger Steerage
Lough Jas       Passenger Steerage
Dunn   Mrs     Passenger Steerage
Harrison Chas       Passenger Steerage
Elson Christian       Passenger Steerage
Q Nelson
Lic 2/10/79
Smelling Jas       Passenger Steerage
Q Fallon
Lic 9/10/79
Stultener George       Passenger Steerage
Guillam Jas       Passenger Steerage
Mathesion John       Passenger Steerage
Lic 2/10/79
Haylock George       Passenger Steerage
Bailackie Jas       Passenger Steerage
England John       Passenger Steerage
Roberts Jas       Passenger Steerage
Haryett George       Passenger Steerage
Donough J D       Passenger Steerage
Huggins Wm       Passenger Steerage
Lic 9/10/79
Thompson Thos       Passenger Steerage
Lic 7/10/79
Br?mont Ronald       Passenger Steerage
Lic 8/10/79


Source: State Records Authority of New South Wales: Shipping Master's Office; Passengers Arriving 1855 - 1922; NRS13278, [X144-146] reel 440.   Transcribed by John Beere.

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Mary-Anne Warner

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