Mariners and ships in Australian Waters



Surname Given name Station Age Of what Nation Status Comments
Reddell J A Master     CREW  
Peebles John 1st Mate 31 Fife Crew  
Arthur J C 2nd Mate 27 Glasgow Crew  
Henfrey C J 3rd Mate 29 Leamington Crew  
Stewart Robt Chief Engineer 33 Renfrew Crew  
Cook Donald 2nd Engineer 25 Bute Crew  
Mcrae Robt 3rd Engineer 23 Sydney Crew  
Harris Alexander 4th Engineer 22 Dublin Crew  
Garrick H E Surgeon 22 Windsor Crew  
Hurton H Purser 24 Nelson Crew  
Torner J C Quarter Master 29 Belfast Crew  
Heran John Quarter Master 52 Dublin Crew  
Dewar Alex Quarter Master 40 Argyle Crew  
Atay Chan Boatswain 36 Canton Crew  
Yow Chan Tay Lamp Trimmer 27 Canton Crew  
Ahoo Tang Cassab 30 Canton Crew  
Ney Leong A. B. 32 Canton Crew  
Achan Loo A. B. 20 Canton Crew  
Acam Chan A. B. 23 Canton Crew  
Acheng Ho A. B. 37 Canton Crew  
Teng Chan Ah A. B. 28 Canton Crew  
Apew Leong A. B. 23 Canton Crew  
Asing Leong A. B. 29 Canton Crew  
Asing Chan A. B. 38 Canton Crew  
Ahing Leong No 1 Gig Boy 22 Canton Crew  
Atuck Chan Gig Boy 28 Canton Crew  
Ahong Mak Gig Boy 25 Canton Crew  
Ahsing Chan Gig Boy 26 Canton Crew  
Ahsing Lum Carpenter 30 Canton Crew  
Ahsing Chan Topaz 38 Canton Crew  
Afay Chan Bandary 21 Canton Crew  
Sing Chan Ay PassCook 26 Canton Crew  
Scott John Steward 35 Glasgow Crew  
Smith Samuel 2nd Steward 29 Glasgow Crew  
Achin Tam No 1 Boy 25 Canton Crew  
Apoo Li Capt's & Saloon Boy 20 Canton Crew  
Atong Pang Pantryman 36 Canton Crew  
Afet Chan Eng's & Off's Servant 25 Canton Crew  
Afook Leong No 1 Fireman 38 Canton Crew  
Ahee Too 2 Fireman 24 Canton Crew  
Atai Chaw 3 fireman 36 Canton Crew  
Ah Wong Hong Fireman 19 Canton Crew  
Achung Chan Fireman 34 Canton Crew  
Ayew Long Fireman 25 Canton Crew  
Awee Chan Fireman 37 Canton Crew  
Alock Long Fireman 30 Canton Crew  
Amok Chay Fireman 34 Canton Crew  
Weir   Mr     Passenger  
Weir   Mrs     Passenger  
Banks J Mr     Passenger  
Clark J S Mr     Passenger  
Smith G W Mr     Passenger  
Maidworth   Mr     Passenger  
Wagner J Mr     Passenger  
Mum Shing A Miss   China Passenger  
Gui Ah     China Passenger  
Wooy Ah     China Passenger  
Kong Ah     China Passenger  
Mon Pay     China Passenger  
Looy Koong     China Passenger  
Sang Choo     China Passenger  
Chew Ah     China Passenger  
Chark Ah       Passenger  
Atay Yip Fireman 36 Canton Crew  
Ayan Wong Fireman 40 Canton Crew  
Pow Chan Fireman 33 Canton Crew  
Lotty   Donkeyman 40 Bassora Crew  
Sing Kwok Tay Trimmer 24 Canton Crew  
Asan Wong Trimmer 22 Canton Crew  
Achow Chan Trimmer 28 Canton Crew  
Ayan Yip Trimmer 22 Canton Crew  
Tze Chow Trimmer 23 Canton Crew  
Ayew Kwok Trimmer 28 Canton Crew  
Acan Kwok Greaser 36 Canton Crew  
Chew Yip Bandary 33 Canton Crew  
Ah See Cheong Cook 30 Canton Crew  
Afoon Chan Baker 28 Canton Crew  
Fook Sow a Butcher 30 Canton Crew  


Source: State Records Authority of New South Wales: Shipping Master's Office; Passengers Arriving 1855 - 1922; NRS13278, [X144-146] reel 440.   Transcribed by John Beere.

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