Mariners and ships in Australian Waters

Surname Given name Station Age Of what Nation Status Comments
Brown J.W. Master     Crew  
Tait Geo 1st Mate 36 British Crew  
Lee Francis G 2nd Mate 24 British Crew  
Griffiths John 3rd Mate 34 British Crew  
Young James Carpenter 54 British Crew  
Evans Owen Boatswain 29 British Crew  
Mickleson Jonas A. B. 24 Denmark Crew  
Lindon G S A. B. 26 British Crew  
Hugonet Emile A. B. 36 France Crew  
Donnelly James A. B. 30 British Crew  
Prazo Joseph A. B. 37 Genoa Crew  
Paterson Alf A. B. 29 Sweden Crew  
Anderson Chas A. B. 42 British Crew  
Foote William A. B. 20 British Crew  
Droger James A. B. 34 British Crew  
Fennell John Lamps 29 British Crew  
Walker J Lamps 52 British Crew  
Hudson Thomas 1st Engineer 36 British Crew  
Cauldys Louis 3rd Engineer 23 India Crew  
Shaw Thos Fireman 33 British Crew  
Murphy Daniel Fireman 27 British Crew  
Gilbert John Fireman 33 British Crew  
Dugan Alex Fireman 36 British Crew  
Harder James Fireman 36 Germany Crew  
Kean Thos Donkeyman 26 British Crew  
Petersen Peter Trimmer 35 Sweden Crew  
Glen Wm 2nd Engineer 26 British Crew  
Bailey John Trimmer 26 British Crew  
Turner Chas Trimmer 29 British Crew  
Flint Geo 1st Steward 39 British Crew  
McKenzies D 2nd Steward 26 British Crew  
Scudds Chas Bedroom Steward 29 British Crew  
Oliver Chas Bedroom Steward 24 British Crew  
Scadding Walter Fore Cabin Steward 29 Germany Crew  
Freemen A M Pantryman 25 British Crew  
Irving John Officers Servant 24 British Crew  
Jones Chas 1st Cook 28 British Crew  
Jackson Henry 3rd Cook 25 British Crew  
Francis John Alex A. B. 37 Hamburg Crew  
Riley Peter Trimmer 32 British Crew  
Foster John 2nd Cook 19 Nottingham Crew  
Wallington Ed       Passenger Cabin
Callender Henry       Passenger Cabin
Sewell Albert       Passenger Cabin
Greaves Thos       Passenger Cabin
Emanuel James       Passenger Cabin
Larter Jane Miss     Passenger Cabin
Wynne Walter       Passenger Cabin
Manning John Rev.     Passenger Cabin
Macartney Martin       Passenger Cabin
Macartney   Mrs     Passenger Cabin
Oliver Wm Mrs     Passenger Cabin
Oliver Child 1       Passenger Cabin
Oliver Child 2       Passenger Cabin
McKenzie Joseph       Passenger Cabin
Davis Samuel       Passenger Cabin
Lowe Richard       Passenger Cabin
White Wm       Passenger Cabin
Foster Ellen Miss     Passenger Cabin
Tress Thos Rev.     Passenger Cabin
Saines Adelaide Miss     Passenger Cabin
Frazer Ann Mrs     Passenger Steerage
Foster Wm       Passenger Steerage
Thompson Walter       Passenger Steerage
Lic. 2/6/79
Q. William
Lewis Ed       Passenger Steerage
Lic. 31/5/79
Shelton Geo       Passenger Steerage
Pine Gregory       Passenger Steerage
Pine Wreginald       Passenger Steerage
Grasyfort Peter       Passenger Steerage
Calder Robt       Passenger Steerage
Eprey Jane Mrs     Passenger Steerage
Eprey Louisa Miss     Passenger Steerage
Le Strange Louis       Passenger Steerage


Source: State Records Authority of New South Wales: Shipping Master's Office; Passengers Arriving 1855 - 1922; NRS13278, [X143-144] reel 439.   Transcribed by jack batchler.

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Mary-Anne Warner

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