Mariners and ships in Australian Waters



Surname Given name Station Age Of what Nation Status Comments
Almond John C. Master     Crew  
Barnham William C Mate 36 London Crew  
Soulter S W 2nd Mate 31 Stafford Crew  
Backhouse E B 3rd Mate 22 Deal Crew  
Mahat Alley Lascar 24 Java Crew  
Lacey J Gunner 33 Exeter Crew  
Bradley Joseph Carpenter 24 Sydney Crew  
Rennie D C Chief Engineer 41 Glasgow Crew  
Hossack W 2nd Engineer 35 Elgin Crew  
Sim D 3rd Engineer 27 Perthshire Crew  
Parsons Henry Saloon Waiter 17 Bombay Crew  
Scudd F Steward 33 Kent Crew  
Cole C W Chief Cook 45 London Crew  
Gracias Seriaco A. B. 35 Manila Crew  
Domingo Candido A. B. 33 Manila Crew  
Bintara Crispruo A. B. 42 Manila Crew  
Gansaloe Ignacio A. B. 42 Manila Crew  
Gonnes Manuel A. B. 44 Cape de Verde Crew  
Santos Seriaco A. B. 31 Manila Crew  
  22 Lascars     Crew  
  15 Fireman   Native Crew  
  9 Coal Trimmers   Native Crew  
  15 Cooks & Stewards   Native Crew  
Wardell E Mr     Passenger  
McDougall R Mr     Passenger  
McDougall E Mr     Passenger  
Hoader F Hon     Passenger  
Hoader   Mrs     Passenger  
Lewis   Mr     Passenger  
Blake   Mr     Passenger  
Crouse   Miss     Passenger  
Kendall F R Mr     Passenger  
Kidston   Mrs     Passenger  
Kidston Boy 1       Passenger  
Kidston Boy 2       Passenger  
Kidston Boy 3       Passenger  
Kidston Boy 4       Passenger  
Jones J Mr     Passenger  
Sox J D Mr     Passenger  
Murray   Mr     Passenger  
Robinson F Mr     Passenger  
Tomlinson   Mr     Passenger  
Paper   Mr     Passenger  
Saunders S Mr     Passenger  
Saunders   Mrs     Passenger  
Saunders A       Passenger  
Morris G H       Passenger  
Ramsey R       Passenger  
Hodson C       Passenger  
Greaves J H       Passenger  
Faner W       Passenger  
Liverside   Prof.     Passenger  
Twinburger   Mr     Passenger  
Roberts J       Passenger  
Ewing J C       Passenger  
Ranaro A       Passenger  
Brother         Passenger  
Case J C       Passenger  
Hansen   Mrs     Passenger  
Hansen Infant       Passenger  
Whalley   Mr     Passenger  
Ryan D       Passenger  
McLean C Mrs     Passenger  
Wilson D Mr     Passenger  
Keating J Mr     Passenger  
DeSales J H Mrs     Passenger  
Byerley   Mr     Passenger  
Byerley   Mrs     Passenger  
Chrisonen E Mr     Passenger  
Gilbert   Mr     Passenger  
Gilbert   Mrs     Passenger  
Soule A M Mr     Passenger  
Rogers   Col     Passenger  
Shaw   Surgeon Major     Passenger  
Walters   Mr     Passenger  
Wallace   Mr     Passenger  
Proctor   Mr     Passenger  
Thompson   Mr     Passenger  
Morris   Mrs     Passenger  
Morris Child 1       Passenger  
Morris Child 2       Passenger  
Rennie   Mrs     Passenger  


Source: State Records Authority of New South Wales: Shipping Master's Office; Passengers Arriving 1855 - 1922; NRS13278, [X143-144] reel 439.   Transcribed by jack batchler.

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Mary-Anne Warner

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