Mariners and ships in Australian Waters


Brig of Sydney Thomas Brown Master, Burthen 139 Tons
from the Port of Hobart Town to Sydney, New South Wales, 29th August 1857

Surname Given name Station Age Of what Nation Status Comments
Brown Thomas Captain     Crew  
Forkes James 1 Mate 32 Britain Crew  
White Wm Steward 25 Britain Crew  
Creswick J O Seaman 17 Britain Crew  
Breakwik Thomas O Seaman 25 Britain Crew  
Lamb F O Seaman 24 Holland Crew  
Wilson L O Seaman 29 Norway Crew  
Headfield G O Seaman 25 Germany Crew  
Besillia G O Seaman 16 Sydney Crew  
Evens P 2 Mate 27 Jersey Crew  
Salmon Thomas       Passenger Steerage
Freeman John       Passenger Steerage
Hayward Cathrine       Passenger Steerage


Source: State Records Authority of New South Wales: Shipping Master's Office; Passengers Arriving 1855 - 1922; NRS13278, [X97-98] reel 405.   Transcribed by Barbara Stokes, 2004.

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Mary-Anne Warner

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